Why Donate?

By opening up the opportunity for the community to contribute financially to the work we are doing, we hope to give the people of Marlow a sense of ownership of Seed1.

This business is about community, it's about local and it's about looking after each other, so crowd-funding from within the community seems the way to go - we want everyone to be able to be a part of this exciting journey with us!


From the purchase of our gravity bins to the wages for one of our employees, donations have helped us move from a storage unit, to a pop-up shop, to a permanent shop here in Marlow.

We want to continue to expand and support more individuals facing homelessness, mental health problems, domestic violence and learning difficulties as well as refugees in our community and we need your help to do this during our first few years of operation.

Donations will go towards one of the following:

  • Sponsoring employee's wages, accommodation, travel and living expenses

  • Expanding the shop infrastructure to increase revenue opportunity by offering refills of frozen foods, oils, & vinegars

  • Establishing our charity (minimum £5k required) that will provide accommodation, support and training to those facing homelessness in our community as well as refugees placed locally and those experiencing mental health problems, fleeing domestic violence or who have learning difficulties.